Standalone Applications

FIR Designer
We developed and sell the FIR Designer, which is a Windows GUI application for designing FIR filters (see DSP)

Standalone applications are unique in that they require the creation of a user interface. User interface creation requires knowledge of UI toolsets, an understanding of event driven programming, a sense of what makes a program usable, and sometimes the ability to create and work in multithreaded environments.

There are many toolsets for writing graphical user interfaces, and there are different toolsets for different platforms. STI has concentrated on writing GUIs under Windows environments using the Borland C++ Builder environment.

In this environment, STI has written a number of GUI applications, including the FIRDesigner, which is a product for designing finite impulse response filters. We have also written data collection software, database software, and a document tracking system.

If you have a project that requires a Windows graphical user interface, please contact us today!