Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

Integrated Circuit
We wrote an RTOS for a PowerPC G4 embedded processor running in automated test equipment

Embedded systems sometimes have need of a real time operating system (RTOS). Such an operating system provides a multitasking environment with guarantees about the amount of time that each process will get. These systems are used when the processor has several things it must do, and it must not fall behind on any of them.

There are several ways that these guarantees could be constructed. In some cases, different processes have different priorities, and the guarantee is the that the highest priority process will get the CPU until it gives it back to the operating system. In other cases, the guarantee is that each process will receive the same amount of time.

STI has written several RTOSs for different systems. If you have need of an RTOS, please contact us and we would be glad to discuss your problem with you.