Factory floor
We developed an algorithm for scheduling the order in which batteries are manufactured in a battery plant

Logistics is the problem of transporting resources (e.g. goods, people, energy, information) from where they are produced to where they are consumed. It encompasses problems such as choosing optimal placement of depots, choosing optimal routes, and predicting how much resource will be needed by various consumers of it.

A solution to a logistics problem generally begins with a detailed model of the supply chain. This model will be a combination of things that are fully known (such as the locations of current depots) and things that will need to be learned from data (such as the consumer demand as a function of the time of year).

Once the supply chain has been modeled, a logistics problem is solved with a combination of heuristics, optimization, and intelligent control (reinforcement learning). The techniques required to solve a particular logistics problem are dependent on the exact nature of the problem, but logistics has been a subject of formal study for over 50 years and there are very good techniques for solving most logistics problems.

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