Automated Test

We were extensively involved in the software design and testing for a high volume automated mixed signal test system

Many products, including devices, parts, and software, require testing before release to customers. Automated testing for high volume or complex systems saves time and money, as well as provides more extensive and thorough testing than is possible by manual means. Software for testing ranges from simple command sequences to exercise a device or call a software procedure, to complex mathematical methods needed to verify correct operation of devices or software routines. Testing of devices often requires data acquisition using analog to digital converters, or test signal generation using digital to analog converters. The test software then utilizes digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to generate test signals and evaluate acquired data.

The design of tests may require sampling plans, statistical evaluation of results, tradeoffs between built-in-tests versus externally controlled tests, etc. The planning of the test system must consider factors such as the breadth and depth of testing, the time and cost of testing, the development of test software and hardware, the specification of the tests including acceptance criteria, and validation of the test procedures and results.

STI can help in all of these areas, including test system design and planning, development of test system hardware and software, statistical sampling and analysis, and the development of complex test algorithms for testing sophisticated devices. Whether you need simple test scripts, or complex time and frequency domain algorithms, we can help you with your automated testing needs, so please contact us today!